Easy Step Cutoffs


So, I scored a few old über soft Levis at the thrift shop when I was back in Colorado. They were even on the clearance rack. I think the hallelujah chorus started when I saw the $2 tag. So, I did one of my favorite – and only DIY’s I seem to have time to do lately, I made some cutoffs. 

The step cutoffs have intrigued me for a while now. I think they are pretty darn flattering, and I can keep them pretty short in the front, yet my butt cheeks will be covered in the back. They’re like mullet shorts. And I’m a fan.

I’ve been eyeing this pair Mother denim makes, but chose to go the $2 DIY route instead. I gave it a shot, they took about five minutes to make, and I think I nailed it.

I highly suggest grabbing some old, soft, too big jeans and doing the same. All you need is some scissors and a patch of concrete or rough pavement (if you want to distress them), and in case the instruction pic doesn’t make a ton of sense, here’s my attempt at the typed out kind:

• Pick out a pair of jeans you want to make into your cutoffs. I recommend using a pair that is a size or two too big. The ones I used say size 10, and I’m a 6. Also the softer, older, and worn in the better. 

…first, the initial cuts.

• Put on the jeans and mark how long you want them to be (I mark them on the outside seam using a black sharpie. and mine are about a 3.5″ inseam. I’m totally eyeballing this. I have no clue if I own a ruler) 

• Take them off, and cut off the jean leg – just cut in a straight line across from where you marked them.

• Fold the jeans in half and use the cut off side as a stencil for the other leg…and cut off the other leg at the same length.

…now onto the step part.

• Cut 2″ – 3″ off from the front panel of the jean. (I recommend tapering it down a little bit as you go towards the inside seam. For instance, mine go from 2″ shorter on the outside seam to about 1.5″ shorter on the inside seam. 

• Take the denim you just cut off one leg, flip it over and use it as a stencil on the other leg so your sides match. Now, cut off the front panel of the other side. 

 …now the distressing,

• Grab the part of the shorts you want to distress and rub the denim really hard against some rough pavement for a while. Get rough, don’t be gentle. (If you can find some stucco, say Yhatzee!) Repeat this anywhere else you want on the jeans. (I dod front thigh area, back pockets, and the bum.)

• Throw them in the wash, dry, and enjoy. 

High five. 

And a slap on your (denim covered) butt.

Here’s a few more pics…


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