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Let’s just say I’m having some fun in one of life’s greatest therapies lately – putting a brush loaded with some gloriously vivid paint on some thick and juicy paper. 

I’m doing my best to carve out one big chunk of time each week to paint. This is a weekly ritual I definitely love. In an ideal world this would be a chunk of time each day,. Preferably in some beautifully naturally lit studio, accompanied with a few shots of espresso first thing in the morning when the lighting and my brain are at their finest. Well, that’s something to work towards and dream about. In the meantime, my weekly chunk of time is giving my brain butterflies, is something I’m finding myself lying in bed thinking about as I fall asleep, and is done on an extremely messy desk with whatever lighting is available at that time.  

I keep telling myself to just wake up and at least sketch for a few minutes each morning, but I have yet to actually follow through with that. Working on it.

So here’s a few of the latest pieces from the aforementioned extremely messy desk. Aka my “studio.”

The first pic = I bought a pack of little 5×7 watercolor cards, and I like to make myself sit down and do a few quickies. Ironically some of these are turning out the be my favorite, Exhibit A: The Board Quiver one.

The second pic = A photographer I absolutely love, Kim Akrich, has a beautiful series of portraits of Vahine that she did on Bora Bora. This was inspired by them. And yup I busted out the gold paint again. Love that stuff.

The third pic = I was flipping through a sketchbook and found a few hibiscus I put in there from our last trip back to Hawaii. Well, they are pretty darn gorgeous all pressed and dried out. So, I thought I’d use one of them in a painting, and…here you go. Fun stuff. 

Yay art.

Can’t wait to put some brushes, paint, water and ink to paper again soon. It’s definitely one of the more amusing and productive cravings I have. 

Prints of most of these (and more) are over at my shop: 

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