Beach Workout Time


Well, I’m down in Miami for a few days of Swim Week, which means…beach workout time. Hallelujah. It’s hot and super humid. And I love me a good sandy sweat sesh.

So, I came up with this one. Tons of reps. Ten different moves. Takes around 20 minutes. 

Feel free to partake in the workout wherever you are: Beach, field, room, gym, or a few feet of cleared out space. If you can find a beach, the extra resistance from the sand is ohhhh so nice. So is working out in a bikini.


The 100 to 10 ladder workout – Do the following with as little rest as possible: 

• 100 squat jumps
• 90 speed skaters (each side)
• 80 squat jumping jacks ( Jump out into a sumo squat)
• 70 walking lunges (Each Leg)
• 60 alternating lunge jumps (each leg)
• 50 push ups
• 40 wide mountain climbers (each side)
• 30 tuck jumps
• 20 Plank hop to wide push ups
• 10 burpies

…then grab some water, catch your breath, stretch, and hop in the ocean to rinse off. 

Man oh man, it feels good to just get up and move these amazing bodies we have. 

* If you don’t know what a move is, let me know and I’lll find a youtube video to show it. Just dont have the brain power to go look for videos right now since I’m pooped and my eyelids are winning the tug of war with my face. 

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