Long story short, we had to find a new rental home ( That allows large dogs, always fun.) Thankfully by the grace of God we did, and in between recent travels, my husband and I moved out of our old place and into our new rental. SO FUN.

Well, this new place is a perfect fit, and …wait for it…has dark hardwood floors, white walls, and gets decent natural lighting. Something I’ve craved for the past 3 years, mainly because it makes taking quick simple pics so much easier. And I don’t have to huddle in front of our closed garage and make my new neighbors think I’m weirder than they already probably do,

So, here are the inaugural pics. 

The rest of our house still needs to be unpacked or looks like I went through our house with a leaf blower. BUt this nook makes me smile.

Shagalicious hair day, comfy basics, rad kicks, and no more beigey grey walls. Yay.

Goldie tops and shorts – If you’ve never tried their basics, now’s a good time without having to spend that much moolah, since they’re having a take an additional 50% off all sale items going on right now. Or use my code REBEKAH15 on anything

• Kicks = p448 

• Great shagalicious hair day – It’s called a mermaid shag and I freaking love it.

Aviator Nation flannel 

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  • It is one of the biggest issues in the UK – renting with animals. I love the dark flooring, I think I need to design a very specific pattern that hides dog prints (and maybe throws that match :)) How long is the new place for?

    • I should add our floor also resembles an area rug jigsaw puzzle since our Pup won’t walk on the floors! Sometimes she’s fine on them though, so hopefully, it will improve. Buying here isn’t in the budget, sowe’re here indefinitely or until life takes us somewhere else!