The latest from the super messy desk

Well, after the recent move, my desk is so messy and cluttered that I can’t really paint on it. I just migrated to the kitchen table and then take any photos on a blank canvas on the floor in our living room. So technically this is a messy desk update, without a desk involved.

I’ve been working on some fun projects (mainly textile designs. YES!) so there haven’t been too many new pieces. It’s like inspiration and creating is a steady process, but also comes in waves. So I’m just riding along. But still, each colorful mess has something new I learned or tried, and it’s all fun to share. Especially the up-close detail pics… Because that’s where the fun, unpredictable watercolor radness likes to hide.

Big bright tropical florals, Hair flip, a l’il commissioned piece, and a Sunset surf – Hope you like ’em.

Can’t thank you enough for following along on my art journey. It’s a fun one.

Question is, what to paint next….? A portrait. Definitely a few portraits.

Prints are over at – one day I’ll migrate it over to here so my shop and blog are all on one site. One day. In the meantime, thanks for clicking over.

If you have any questions about art, supplies, etc. just shoot me a comment below. Love hearing from you.

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