Kauai Journal

It’s been a month or so since we got back from Kauai. Was a last-minute trip booked about three days in advance, and I’m kicking myself for not staying longer. But still, it’s amazing what you can pack into a four-day trip. Or not pack into it, and just know that being there is more than enough. We kind of did both.

People often ask for travel recommendations in Hawaii, and I’m kind of leaning towards just saying this: don’t make plans, soak up and admire the beauty, watch every sunset (and sunrise – a perk of jetlag), respect the land, ocean, and locals, refrain from geotagging, and just enjoy relaxing and being there. Because it’s a phenomenal place. And eat as much grocery store poke as possible.

I could and should say more, but I’m just going to re-live some of the favorite mental images in my mind for a bit. And wish the air still smelled like plumeria.

I’m thinking another last-minute trip might need to be in the works. My friend said I could stay at her place…and I have some frequent flier miles.

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  • Looks amazing, the colours are so vibrant! How long is the flight for you? We live quite close to the beach and its lovely in summer but sadly, no palm trees.

    • Thank you! Love seeing all the photos together! As for flights, it depends on the head/tailwinds but typically it’s about 6 hours there and 5.5 hours for the return flight. So not bad at all!

      • That’s a long flight by our standards because the UK to the Mediterranean is 2-4 hours depending on where you go… but Kauai would definitely be worth a bit extra! It looks amazing…