Embracing the messy penmenship

It’s taken a few decades but I’ve finally embraced my messy handwriting. I used to think it was a curse and sign of my always whirring and unorganized mind, but I dunno, there’s something artistic about it that I’m…actually loving. A flaw that I’m seeing differently now,  guess.

So, I’ve been going back and re-writing a few of my favorite poems in my barely legible penmanship. I kind of feel like anyone who can read all of the above deserves a medal. Or maybe I’ll mail you one of them. Just let me know.

The funny thing is most of these poems were first scribbled down in a notebook with words crossed out, squeezed in and it was such a mess I could hardly read it. So I’d type it out. But, there’s something that makes it just feel…oh-so-right seeing them like this. AND it felt good to try to cram it all on one sheet of copy paper.

I might keep on going….

But with shorter poems, because these long ones are a doozie.

Anyways, as with anything old school/pen to paper/no computers involved, I highly recommend it. In terms of brushes and pens – Definitely recommend Faber Castell Pitt Artist Soft Brush pens (I go through a TON of these because I use them in my paintings too) Or else, Tombow dual brush marker pens are pretty slick as well/

Ok, feel free to go crosseyed reading thee again. Or go scribble down some poems/ideas words. I have a few new ones started…

*More poems ( that are super easy to read because they’re typed out)  are aqui. – Also gradually adding these to the writing section of my shop. So far only the “That Girl” one has made the cut.

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  • I can read them! My handwriting isn’t great but my boss… oh my!! So I have had great practice. I think poems need to be handwritten, it captures the emotions so much better x