Loop De Messy Do

Here’s another easy, only takes 2-3 minutes hot mess hairstyle coming your way. This time it’s geared towards medium length hair… because that’s just how long my hair is nowadays. Although the 2-3 minute time frame is always a non-negotiable regardless of hair length. Same with it never looking the same each time I do it, and having an “I can’t tell if she meant to have it look that messy, or maybe it once really looked slick and she just slept in it,” vibe.

Basically this is my super lazy version of a pull-through braid, or french braid, that vaguely resembles a faux-hawk.

All you do is this…

Tools: Grab some of those thin little clear rubber bands, and dirty hair is always a good call ( I like this dry shampoo if you need some grit).

Now, this will hopefully explain the pics above.

• Grab the top section of your hair (just like you would if you’re starting a french braid) and make it a little loop – aka you do a ponytail but only pull it through a tiny bit so it makes a loop.

• Now, grab some hair below it, and repeat the lop making. Make sure you include the excess hair from the first loop. Just like you do when doing a french braid. You know, no strands left behind.

• Repeat the grab loop and go process down the back of your hair. I did four sections/loops total.

• Now, you’ll kind of look like a Teletubby, so you have to go in and mess it up. A lot.

• Pull the loops apart, pull out some side pieces and really just try to loosen it up as much as possible.

• I have layered in my hair and had to tuck in some ends that were sticking out.

• Mess it up a little bit more.

Done. Looks pretty darn sweet, right?

Clear little rubber bands and not being afraid to make a mess to the rescue.

More hair tutorials aqui. (I’m not a pro, so bear with me in my explanations of these things.)


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