Soft Skin Ahoy.

Seeing that I’m about to start the fourth decade of my life, and have spent pretty much every year leading up to it outside and enjoying the sun, the skin on my body tends to feel like a croissant, and a weathered handbag are trying to cohabit on my epidermis. That is if not properly exfoliated and hydrated at all times.

Yeah, I’m making it sound worse than it probably is, (except for my upper back, that acreage is leathery but oddly enough I’m proud of it) but, I decided to step up my total body skincare regime. Enter these two recent purchases, that might’ve been total impulse buys, but are turning out to be freaking fantastic ones.

1: The Esker Beauty Body Plane

This might be the most gratifying form of exfoliating I’ve tried. You basically oil up your skin (I just use coconut oil) then grab this little teak wood/sterling silver blade that looks like a mini boomerang, and scrape off the oil in an upward motion. I use pretty decent pressure. You start with your legs, then arms, then go allllll overrrrr. It’s pretty amazing how much skin you scrape off even after showering, and is turning into quite an addicting post-shower ritual (2-3x a week). Plus it helps wiht the whole lymphatic drainage dealio which I’ve been neglecting 100%

What can I say it feels good to scrape. It’s a nice change from always scrubbing.

$45 at and netaporter.

Then there’s the wonder whip…

2: Le Feu. Skin. 

This stuff is as handmade and hydrating as it gets, but also smells tropical (Ohhh neroli.) Think Coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, rosehip oil..ok that’s pretty much most of what’s in it. But it’s in this super luscious whipped consistency that had me at first slather. It’s called Le Feu because it’s creator suffered 2nd and 3rd-degree burns in an off-road vehicle accident, then decided to develop a super clean multi-use healing balm to help with her recovery. (More info here).

A little goes a long way, and I honestly look forward to finding excuses for that little bit each day.

It’s normal to get this excited about this kind of stuff, right? Yes. Yes it is. Alas, I had to share.

I spend so much focus on my face with skincare, it just feels good to find some great products that are helping give so much needed TLC to the rest of my body. Which I’m thinking will be losing the bakery/leather goods vibe hopefully soon, adn saying ahoy to some smooth skin.

Bravo Esker and Le Feu. And high five for some good impulse buys, for a change.


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