Snaps of Summer

To say this summer’s been different would be an understatement. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been special in its own way. It’s been the summer of slowing down, simplifying, and just seeing what each day brings.

Usually, we have a big surf trip somewhere tropical, but this year was about finding the joys in simple stuff nearby: Hanging out on a dock by the lake, jumping off, and chilling on a floatie (My friend has this glitter filled one, and it just made everyone happy for some reason). Then, of course, there are sprinklers. Ok, we don’t have a sprinkler system, we have a hose. But, it doubled as an outdoor shower, a water fountain, and most importantly, a waterpark for Levi. Ok us too. Making s’mores at sunset while listening to some tunes, creating an “outdoor library” in our beach tee pee, and we even (gasp) grew a tomato. Just one and my mom coached me, but that’s kind of a big deal.

I guess with zero pressure to do something extraordinary, (or desire to), we kind of ended up with a breath of fresh air.

Summer isn’t over…yet, and I plan soaking up the rest of the days it has to offer. Seriously, I keep on checking the weather forecast wondering when the Washington grey is going make its presence known once again. Then my mindset might be a wee bit different. Just being able to rock a bikini does wonders for the psyche. Especially the super cheeky ones (what can I say, it’s a perk of being stuck at home.)

In the meantime, cheers to zero plans, hose/sprinkler waterparks, s’mores with good tunes, sunning my buns in the backyard, and as many more dock jumps we can squeeze in before the water gets too cold.

Summer, we all love ya. Even when life feels weird.

Hope you enjoy the snaps. There are about 500 more…


Bromelia bikini

Pared eyewear sunnies

Wings Hawaii Boyfriend flannel

Mayde Australia towels

Jewels by: Lapetiteidylle, Puka Perri, Pearl Love, Jemma Sands, Kate Davis, and James Michelle. 



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