Imperfect Ramblings

In a writing rut? Just write. Even if it doesn’t make sense, I swear it’ll somehow end up making sense. Even if it doesn’t. If that makes sense.

It doesn’t have to be perfectly profound. In fact, I think it’s the imperfect combination or somewhat incoherent chain of thoughts and word combos that are what end up inspiring someone because it makes it relatable.

So, here’s my version of working through a writing rut: Two l’il nuggets that just came out of the blue last night at 11:35 pm while I was brushing my teeth.

Hope you dig ’em.

Cheers to ruts and what we learn, or what others get to read, because of trying to work through them.

And high five to all you inspiring beaches out there reading this.

More poems aqui. 

If anyone’s looking for a journal to write/sketch down those aforementioned thoughts, I love these. 

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