Painted Kicks

I just realized I never shared these bad boys here. Yay brain fog.  So, at the onset of COVID, I was kind of hyper-productive for some reason and decided to paint this one pair of white ROXY sneakers I had.  (These weren’t done in collaboration with them or anything) I just figured me and all-white sneakers call for a mess, might as well be a pretty one.)

Thankfully, they turned out to be some rather smile-inducing kicks. I think it’s the little suns.

So here you go, they’re still sitting in my office, collecting dist because I’m scared to wear them in fear of ruining them. If anyone has any tips or experience with sealing or waterproofing artwork on shoes let me know. So far I’ve been told: Modge Podge, beeswax, or the stuff I sprayed on my Uggs so they wouldn’t get wrecked if they got wet.

Wish me luck…Or seriously if you know of anything, please let me know.

Vans has the pair I painted for them last year and I’m pretty sure they’re just sitting somewhere collecting dust too. I’d really like those back though. Note to self: don’t throw away sheets of paper with the contact info of a person you’re mailing stuff to. You live you learn. 

One day I’ll learn of a way to mass produce these so y’all can rock them too. They’re fun, but they take way too long to ever do made to order type of scenario.

On the bright side, if you want to make and paint your own pair, the process is pretty darn easy:

1: Get. pair of white sneakers (white canvas works best like a vans slip-on or some keds)

2: Pick up some Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground – It’s a thick white chalky substance that you can paint on any surface to make it absorb color like watercolor paper. It’s brilliant, really.

3: Paint that on and let it cure for 48 hours.

4: Then just go paint the shoe just like you would a canvas. It will absorb lots of paint compared to a piece of paper, but it will still look cool.

5: Paint with black ink on top if you want lines. I Like Faber Castell Pitt artist pens ( B or SB style)

6: Let them sit as you contemplate how to rock this new happy feet creation without ruining them, or just say to hell with it and rock ’em anyways.

…Which I might just do.

But, I’m thinking the back of a jeans jacket might have to be next. Time to scour ebay for some old Levis ones.

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