Written Out

Just some digital doodles for you. Ok, I don’t know why I said “just” before that because there is something necessary about mindless scribbles nowadays:  No expectations, just thoughts, or reworking old thoughts, and the whole process is pretty much recess for your mind.

I think I say this anytime I post any of these, but I really need to do these more often. Well, might as well keep on saying it until it happens.

Those sunkissed lips though.. would be a cool book/journal cover/towel/makeup bag. And FYI, it feels good to write in cursive. It’s a dying art form I’ll always gladly embrace, even if mine is pretty much illegible.

Fun times. I’ll stop writing about it, and get back to sketching.

More fun scribbles aqui.

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    • Thank you! I’ll be adding them to my poster section in my shop soon! I’m not doing much Society 6 these days, but if there’s a specific item you were thinking of for one of these on there, let me know and I’ll try and make it happen over there!

      • Love the sun kissed one! Was thinking it would be an awesome blanket or pillow but would love as a print too