The Pinterest Pony

I save a lot of hairstyles on Pinterest. 78% of those I adore, but couldn’t possibly replicate (Double pull through braids were a massive fail and I’d love that 30 minutes of my life back someday.) However, sometimes you stumble on a simple little one that just makes your hair strands sing the hallelujah chorus. Such was the case with this pony.

It’s low, twisted, messy, and it took under a minute.

I found it on this quick little TikTok video that was pinned, and it was apparently done on a hair mannequin with perfectly straight, combed, tangle-free mid-length hair.

So, naturally, I wanted to share how it looks in more of a day to day scenario. Aka here is me doing it on my own needed to be washed, can’t remember when I last brushed it, fine and part wavy ever since I had a kid, long hair. I think the messiness makes it look even cooler. But I just like messy hair that looks like you slept in it.

Gosh, I love this ‘do. Whoever came up with that original video, I thank you. Been doing this all the time, and with a few tweaks here and there.

Enough blabbing. Here’s an attempt at instructions (The video below makes it look so easy (which it is – and high five for TikTok helping me post quick videos on the blog) …but written out, yeah not so much. Sorry.)

@goldfish_kissThis is my go-to messy twisted pony. It’s also the best hairdo I’ve learned from Pinterest. ♬ Oh Mama – Milky Chance

• Pull the sides back of your hair and secure in a little mini sides back pony. I recommend using one of those clear little rubber bands that come in packs of 500.

• Putt that little mini ponytail apart above the ties, the twist the right side over the left.

• This creates a little hole.

• Hold that top part hole dealio open with one hand, then stick your other hand through that hole, grab the rest of your hair, adn pull it through.

• Pull and mess with it until it feels right.

• Done. Easy cool looking twisted low pony.

Cheers to a new messy pony to add to the lineup.

..and to one day figuring out braids like this. It might take a miracle.

More hair tutorials aqui. 

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