Written Out

Stuff I’m working on: Creating more and consuming less. You know, just to get the juices going and see where it may lead. So yeah, stuff like this – technical doodles quickly made over a cup of coffee or just remembering to sit down and write or sketch before scrolling or surfling le web. Ok, or bidding for vintage tees on eBay. It’s like creative flossing. It’ll become a healthy habit after a while, but making it part of your daily groove is the biggest step.

Who knows what all these l’il lovelies might lead. So might as well stick with it.

Especially since I keep on finding the old apple pencils I’d lost.

Sounds like a plan.

I hope you like all the digital doodles. They kind of make me smile.

More Aqui.

*Created using the Procreate app. It’s so darn fun. Thankfully so is a pen and paper. 

**Oh yeah, some of these make fun posters, so I added a l’il poster section to my shop.


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  • Oh my goodness on New Years eve (with maybe a little bit of wine in me) I made all these offers on Poshmark items and almost all of them got accepted. *facepalm* Definitely removing that app.

    What are apple stencils?