New Line. Fun Pics.

Before I dab into thoughts on the new year, any goals of mine, and whatever stuff chirps in my brain at the dawn of a new decade, I wanted to share some pics from a cool project I wrapped up at the end of last year. It was all done over on Instagram and I was talking about the launch of a cool new clothing line, UpWest. Well, I thought the pics turned out pretty cool, and more importantly, working on the project got me out and about here in Seattle a ton (Ok one post was done in Hawaii, but still.)  …rain or shine, fog or rain, even some snow.

I wasn’t obligated to blog about it all, but I just ended up REALLY liking the gear (and the pics)…which is the kind of stuff I like to talk about on here anyways. Let’s face it, unless I’m traveling, this is the type of stuff I’m living in these days in the PNW.

Also, Instagram hides so much of my posts (I don’t think the algorithm understands my sarcasm and all over the place content) – I wanted to keep some of them on here too…maybe google will appreciate my wit a bit more?  And my blog = my fun little happy place.

Anywho If you’re looking for some rad gear that’s at a good price point, and a line that’s all about unplugging and finding a happy place, check out UpWest. (@go_upwest on Instagram)

Note: That jacket has built-in backpack straps so you can easily to wear if you get hot. Just had to throw that in there.

And high five for cool iPhone pics. One day I’ll start using my real camera again.

Wearing: Sherpa zip-up Jacket

Cozy Up Waffle Sweater+ Cozy Up Shorts (In Hawaii)

Bundles up Beanine

Cozy Up Scarf  

..and my favorite Rag & Bone Rain boots I scored (barely used) on eBay

Although I’m not being paid for this blog post, gonna add in #UpWestPartner just to be safe and say gracias UpWest.




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