Oh the places that we’ll Ergo.My

Oh the places that we’ll Ergo.

My backpack. My Ergo. On some days it’s my sanity. This brilliant construction of canvas and buckles has accompanied me on all of our moves and travels, and it’s been the best way to keep on living my fresh air addict life – hiking, and adventuring…with my little dude in tow. 

The giggles when we twirl around are priceless, and when he passes out in this thing, it’s hilarious. And just when we are walking along, either singing a song or are silent, soaking up the quiet noises of nature… I dunno, sometimes I have to pinch myself. 

From Hiking in Hawaii and Colorado, our Half Moon Bay beach walks, and now starting to explore the rivers and waterfalls in Minnesota…it’s been such a joy to ergo. (And a great workout too.)

Who knows where else we’ll go together before he grows out of this thing. But in the meantime. It gives me an excuse to just get up, get out, and go..rain or shine, as much as possible.

Which is something I love, and am hopefully passing along to my little dude, too.

Yay Ergo. 

Ergobaby carriers. My college friends pitched in and got mine for my baby shower gift (hopefully I’ve thanked you gals enough!) and they’re also at target, amazon and ergobaby.com 

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