RX Bikini Bod: Gabby Reece 360

To say I admire Gabby Reece would be an understatement. The woman is a former professional beach volleyball player, professional model, mother of beautiful little beach kiddos, almost was a professional golfer, fitness guru, health expert, TV Show host, and is married to Mr. He-Man himself, King Laird. When I lived in Venice Beach I saw the two of them together when I was lifting at Gold’s Gym, and I think I lost an extra pound just grabbing my jaw off from the ground.

Not only is she the most quintessentially cool gal around, she decided to share all of this knowledge, wrapped into one little site, gabbyreece360.com. From daily workouts, to nutrition solutions, challenges, and even skincare/beauty tips, the site is a great place for motivation and inspiration. I personally love her weekly nutrition challenges. This week’s challenge: No alcohol, caffeine or nicotine. So far so good, and thank God this challenge didn’t come up during football season.

So, if you are looking for a great workout to do, or some articles & expert advice to make you look and feel better than ever, click on over to gabbyreece360.com and maybe you too will soon feel like a 6’3" blond goddess of the beach.

Gabby, I sincerely thank you. And, if you ever need a workout partner I’m only an island away. Hope that didn’t sound creepy.

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