Freshened up for Fall

I always like sharing hair updates in case anyone needs a little nudge to try something fun…and here’s the latest.

Tuned up the mermaid shag – I love this length and wish I could go longer, we shall see. I have super fine hair so my dream of hair that goes down to my butt might not be able to happen. But I’ll try.

Went a little darker with the color but kept the ends lighter and a few money pieces around the front.

I definitely recommend it. It’s a fun hair tune-up for Fall. Or anytime really.

Ohh yeah, rad product alert – I stumbled on this Eva NYC Lazy Jane Air Dry shampoo and conditioner – saw air dry and volume, did an impulse buy…and holy moly it’s been sweet. I can’t stand blow drying my hair, and this stuff gives my hair the volume and grit of three-day non-washed hair, but it’s a clean and non-greasy feel whatsoever.  Fascinating stuff and definitely worth trying out, especially if you have fine hair and love some volume and oomph in it. With minimal effort.

I styled it here using one of those big three-barrel wave irons. Here’s a video with tips on how to use it. It’s such a time saver and I always love how it looks when I use that big ‘ol thing.

Yay hair.

Jacket by Avec Les Filles // Necklaces by Katrina Cordova Hawaii

More hair looks and transformations aqui. 



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