One of those days at the lake

There are some pretty sweet days tucked away at the end of summer. Places aren’t crowded, but it’s still warm. The water is refreshing, and the weather is delightfully moody. It all came together the other day at one of my favorite spots on the lake.

No one else in sight

Only the sounds of seaplanes

…and many many dock jumps took place after taking these pics. (I tried to get a cannonball pic too, but the self-timer didn’t really cooperate.)

Always hold on to summer as long as you can my friends. Always.

Rocking an oh-so-lovely dress from JAXSEA Hawaii. It has buttons up both sides so you can up the Shazam upper thigh factor as little or as much as possible. And it has…pockets. Always love rocking these gems from designers who live at the beach. 


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