A big one

I spent the past three weeks filling up a big ‘ol piece of watercolor paper with juuuust the right flowers at juuust the right spot. It’s kind of a like putting together a puzzle, but each piece is a bloom or a leaf. And thankfully my dog can’t chew any of them up if they fall on the floor.

As much patience as a piece like this takes, it’s super rewarding, ok, and difficult to know when to set away from it.

So here you go. I shall call it, Find Your Bloom.  Threw in some photos of the details, too, since the zoomed-out shot misses all of the fun l’il stuff that makes watercolors oh so lovely.

Fun fact about this one: There’s no right or wrong way to look at it or hang it. So, however you spin it, it’s a go.

Fun times.

Even if I might take a break from flowers for a few weeks now.

Have to get it scanned, then I’ll get it in zeee shop.

Prints over at goldfishkissgoods.com // my art @goldfish_kiss_art  even though I eventually post it all on here too.


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