Always snapping and sharing

Ok, The title pretty much says it all here, but sometimes you just need to get all the pics together to tell the story. The less I try, the more together I seem to feel, and look. That’s the moral. And it keeps things flowing while scaring away any overthinking.

Each sunny day I have here, I keep on thinking, is it the last day until the grey and rain sets in… but it hasn’t been. Hallelujah.

Too much stuff to link, so if you need any links, please shoot me a comment and I’ll get it back to ya.

Life’s short, take the pics, wear the jewelry, hop in the cold river with rainboots, jump off the dock, give piggyback rides to your kids as long as you can, get your hair wet and soak up the sun or the rain, or whatever is thrown to you any given day.



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