It’s officially Fall, and it’s a

It’s officially Fall, and it’s a rainy Monday, which means it’s the perfect time for a moody Fall mood board.

After living here for a year, I can say it’ my favorite season. Actually, it’s my favorite season anywhere by the beach. It’s less crowded, a little cooler, the sunsets are earlier and have a different hue to them, the water is clearer, the waves are fun, life kind of takes on a warm mustard/tone, and my skin gets a break from the sun.

Yeah it’s still in the 90′s here, and it’ll be a few more weeks until one can rock jeans with a tank top, or maybe a sweater with cutoffs, or (gasp) even a jean jacket. But regardless, feels fun to get in the mood for fall for a little bit. 

Going to go listen to some Otis Redding, and grab an iced coffee now. Pumpkin spice coffee creamer/anything will have to wait at least another month or two though. 

None of the photos in the mood boards are mine (I found them all over on my Pinterest) Sending an iced coffee (with or without pumpkin spice creamer. Or heck, just make it a margarita) to every person who created each image. You’re brilliant, and inspiring, and I hope you know it.

More mood boards aqui // And for those who’ve asked, I make all of these in photoshop. 

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