So yeah, I am not going to Coachella. Trust me, the concerts sound amazing, but me and big crowds are kind of like a hairdryer in a bathtub. But, seeing that most of the hype surrounding the aforementioned festival tends to be about what to wear, I figured I’d show you what I’d wear, were I to venture into the realms of Indio.

Here we go. Top to bottom: 

• A bikini, my favorite cutoffs, a cool kimono, and that statement necklace I rarely have the balls to rock.

• A short and flowy skirt that I could actually wear without flashing anyone because I have a bikini underneath, with some espadrilles, and an old vintage tee, tied up (not pictured, sorry).

• The quintessential Little breezy black boho dress. AKA the LBBBD. With some aviators.

So yeah, I’d rock some simple, but comfy, breezy, yet still fun stuff. 

And really rock out to AC/DC. 

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