Hayden Reis X Goldfish Kiss


Yes. We designed a beach bag. And it’s rad. The Hayden Reis X Goldfish Kiss bags are here.

Fact: A big, sturdy beach bag is my behind the scenes necessity. And honestly, a beach outing does not occur when I do not pack as many things as possible in a big ‘ol Hayden Reis bag. Sorry I don’t regularly post more pics of it, since it’s with me a lot, and it’s rather impressive what I can stuff in it. We’re talking: 2 beach towels, all of Kili’s dog stuff, outfits and bikinis to shoot, my camera, tripod, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks,…and sometimes even my mask and fins. Sometimes I even squeeze in a wetsuit on top. 

So yes, I am absolutely pumped to launch this collab with this extremely well made, made in the USA, line. 

Their bags are made from sail cloth (so they are extremely durable, hard to get wet, and sand doesn’t stick to them), and are simple, bright, fun, easy to clean, and virtually indestructible. Amen.

Our collab features wide ombre stripes in my favorite color combo (ahem, orange and blues) and comes in two sizes: The Middy (pictured above) which is more of a traditional beach bag tote size, and The Ditty, which is twice as big, and can seriously hold a ton of stuff. As I explained above. 

Get ‘em at haydenreis.com (where you can also get it monogramed) or at any of these mighty fine stores

Thanks Emily for creating such a great line of functional yet cool, throw as much stuff as you can into them without fear of anything breaking durable beach bags…that I got to put my fun little spin on. 

If I see someone on the beach toting one around, don’t be shocked if I run up and give you a jumping high five or something. 

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…and my aloha shorts

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