Beauty in every darn day

Want to know a great little life hack? Look for beauty in every day. It’s there. Promise. Some days it’s easier to find than others. Way easier. Some days it just hits you in the face (not surprised if it’s the result of being in nature). Some days you just have to get up, get out and be conscious that it’s there. It can be a memory, a laugh, a smile the feeling of the sun (something I’m appreciating more than ever here in Seattle), or just stumbling on something unexpected that just slaps you in the face with joy. I swear even something as simple as finding an old pair of worn out jeans can cut it. Or just listening to a really, really good song that stirs up a good cry. That stuff’s freaking gorgeous.

It’s there. You just have to look for it. The more you look for it, the easier it is to find. Even on hard days. Or at least that’s what I tell myself daily.

The whole point of this quasi motivational speech is this: Nowadays it seems like beauty is being replaced by a quest for perfection. And I am even getting pulled into that mindset – thinking things must be polished, cohesive, editorial-esque, or mind-blowingly enlightening to be posted on here. It’s odd. And it probably responsible for my lack of blogging lately. Which is weird I’m even thinking that way, since something I love about creating this blog is how imperfect it is.

I’m working on that.

So, here’s a bunch of everyday beauties, which at the time I wasn’t sure were “share-worthy” but now, when looking back at it – are reminders of what everyday beautiful moments are all about.

* What’s not so beautiful? How ridiculously loud my husband is snoring as I type this. I swear the walls are going to start shaking soon, or some car alarm might go off. Yikes.

Beauty – it comes in all shapes and sizes, feelings, smells, emotions, and sounds ( yes, even snoring sometimes). Gotta love the side effects of being on the lookout for it.

Photos above, top to bottom:

• I don’t really know what’s going on here, but Levi just tackled me in the sand and it made my day.

• Gotta love old torn jeans and a tee – even when the jeans are super dirty from carrying Levi and his muddy shoes around. I kind of love that actually. (Shirt = Madeworn, Jeans = Citizens of Humanity.  Scored both used on ebay.)

• Azaleas – They are everywhere in Seattle right now. It’s like big pops of bright colors all over. And I’m not complaining one bit.

• Photo booth pics. When in doubt, take them.

• The little hula gal who was on my dashboard throughout the entire drive from Florida to Seattle. I think this pic was taken somewhere in North Texas. She is still on my dashboard (Even if she is solar powered and doesn’t hula too much when it’s cloudy.)

• Dahlias from the Flower Stalls at Pike Place Market (Always a good place to find some beauty.)

• Kili and Levi napping. Lub to the dub.

• A shell I drew on. Always a good mood lifter/De-stresser/beauty maker.

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