Just Like Dad

As much as I love sharing moments outside, at the beach, and doing cool stuff, I wanted to take a break and share one of life’s simplest joys for me – watching my Husband and Levi. They are my favorite people to photograph. And after going through these pics, I am pretty sure Levi got his photogenic genes from his dad. 


I love watching my husband being a dad. And I love the way Levi already looks up to him (literally and figuratively).

So here are my boys. On a lazy weekend morning. Shirtless and shorts are the uniform. Clean, well groomed, and showered is the look. Figuring out what to do with Levi’s hair is the task at hand. 

I never would’ve predicted that we’d have and 8 month old who needed his hair styled. But we do. And it’s amazing. And my husband is already teaching Levi his ways (he had hair like Levi when he was a baby, and ALSO had long wavy hair when we were dating that I beg him to grow back). So he was pumped when Baxter sent him some of their hair product to use…and share with Levi.

I’ll let you be the judge of how you think he did…

Happy first Father’s Day to my husband. 

Grant, being a dad looks pretty darn amazing on you.

And Levi’s hair always looks great too…because of you. 

Pomade trio and comb c/o Baxter of California. And if you want to chek out some other seriously cute kiddos with well groomed dads, watch their #BaxterDads video.

*Thank you so much Baxter of California for sponsoring this post, and for making this blog for a living dream come true. 

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