One of the most amazing things about this blog is connecting with and meeting some pretty inspiring people around the globe. Case in point: Emmanuela Lykou. Designer of Emmanuela Swimwear. A pretty sweet and chic line based in Greece. 

I emailed her a few years ago asking permission to use some images in a post about her line, and after the post went up, she sent me a suit to say thanks. And has sent me a suit every year since. Trust me, it’s a yearly tradition I am a huge fan of. Getting a package from Greece makes me seriously want to jump up and yell Opa! And seeing what she comes up with each year, makes me want to travel back there and see if there’s something special in the water or something. 

One year it was tusks on bikini strings, another was pom poms, last year was this gorgeous suit, and this year…is this high neck gorgeous number with cutouts. She also has branched out to beachwear. It’s all unique, some of her prints have little metallic foil accents, (which I’ve never seen in any other swimwear or beachwear), and whenever I rock one of her creations, I instantaneously feel somewhat Mediterranean chic. Which is no easy feat. For me.

She’s celebrating her 10 year anniversary of her line this year, which is a huge deal in swimwear world. So, I figured I’d rock my latest Emmanuela creation, and snap some pics when I was back in Colorado this past week. Yes those are mountains in the background, and yes I still wear bikinis in the Rockies. Just to say….congrats. And thanks.

I mean…συγχαρητήρια and ευχαριστώ

Thanks again Emmanuela. I seriously I need to make it back to Greece so we can meet and I can say Efharisto in person soon. 

Or maybe we just need to meet up in Hawaii 🙂

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