Summer Solstice


In honor of Summer Solstice, and all the times that people have written me saying this site is their daily dose of bright, colorful, sunshine…here’s a hefty dose of colorful, bright, happy pics. 

That get me pumped for summer. Or the thought of anywhere warm or tropical really.

That I just might also be posting while wearing a bikini, and wishing I had an ice cold beer in my hand. Because it’s freaking hot, and we don’t have ac. Again.

Summah summah summahtiiiiiiime. Oh baby I’m pumped. It’s going to be a good one. Probably hotter than balls, which is a reason to get to the beach or in the water as much as possible. 

So yup, definitely, a good one. 

Pics.Top to bottom: 

• Floating flowers in Kauai. Ok, I put these in the pool, it’s staged. But it was worth it. 

• This Cynthia Rowley neoprene number I rocked for the Anthropologie post. It is sporty perfection with a touch of neon  

• Golden Hour beach shot where I look like I’m in deep thought but am really just wondering if I heard the autotimer beep or not. 

• Hibiscus + Cool shades = selfie time.  

• Happy place. On a day so nice I swear it was on steroids. 

• Because no summer post is complete without a palm frond. Pretty sure this beauty was in Moorea 

and finally… 

• A storm on the way, and Costco Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas, in Poipu. 

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