My Cup O’ Matcha: • Whisk together

My Cup O’ Matcha: 

• Whisk together 1 cup hot water + 1 tsp matcha powder in a mug.

• Add ¼ cup coconut milk + a tiny bit of agave.

• Stir it up, sip, savor, and enjoy consuming so many antioxidants that your cells will throw a feelin’ good fiesta.

But really, *matcha is my jam lately. In fact, it might be in the process of nudging coffee out of my first thing in the morning pick me up spot. My 3:30 cup of coffee is still a non negotiable. 

Anywho, I’ve been eyeing it a from a far, and wanted to go ahead and buy a kit with the bamboo whisk, etc. Then, I received this beautiful kit in a goodie bag for an event (love when that happens), and have been consuming it almost daily ever since. 

Let’s list out a few reasons why, shall we? We shall.

*If you’re looking for a good explanation of what the heck Matcha is, read this caption.

1. As stated before, it’s a juggernaut of antioxidants. Mainly because it’s actually ground up green tea leaves, so you are consuming the entire leaf. Which is the equivalent of beaucoup de cups of regular brewed tea. 

2: It contains chlorophyl. Which cleanses. Big time. And also maintaining the alkalinity of blood and tissues. So if you are into being cleansed, and alkaline, here you go. 

3: Thermogenic properties. AS in helps burn fat and increase your metabolism. IN a natural way. Have you ever heard someone say to NOT drink lots of green tea when trying to lose weight? Most likely not. 

4: Immunity. Yup, that whole being laden to the brim with antioxidants again.  Helps save those PTO days for the beach, instead of being sick in bed. 

…and finally. My favorite.

5: Energy – So Matcha contains a different caffeine than my beloved coffee bean. It’s called ‘theophylline’ and it can sustain energy levels without any adverse effects (aka crashing, or hitting a wall, whatever you prefer to call it.). This slow release of energy that matcha provides is like a smooth, gradual, I feel like this guy, energy boost. Which is a great, much needed thing in my life. 

So there you go. I’m a matcha match (wo)man. Feel free to whip up a cup, and feel freaking fantastic too.

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