pineapple print toes


Ok. I had a few minutes of freedom today, so what did I do…I painted my toes. Hey, I couldn’t stand staring at my sad naked nails any longer. 

I figured I’d try and paint my toes like this infamous pattern that I am obsessed with. Yes my toes pale in comparison to the original artwork’s radness. But yes, I still love how it turned out. Dan Hallett, wherever you are, I hope I made you proud, or at least not embarrassed.

Now, here’s my attempt at an explanation.

Basically you paint some pineapples using clusters of little dots with some big long brush strokes on top for the leaves. But there’s one minor note: have all the little pineapples facing different directions, overlapping a bit, and make them be an orangish beige color with purplish blue leaves.

Ok, now the directions.

• Paint toes a pale beig-y pink. 

• Using a ball point pen as your dotting tool, paint a bunch of clusters of dots randomly on each toe. You only need one cluster on your smaller toes. This is the pineapple “body. 

• Now grab a nail art brush and some purplish-blue polish, and paint some long brush strokes coming out of the tops of your pineapples. It looks cool if they overlap on some of the other pineapples. Really cool.

• Let the polish dry, then either grab a nail art brush and some black polish, or a suuuuper fine ink pen. Then, go ahead and kind of loosely outline the pineapples you just painted. You don’t need to outline everything. Just a leaf or two, and a few messy squares. Do as little or as much of this as you want. It just  kind of makes all the colors pop. 

• Seal the deal with some glossy topcoat. 

• Boom. Donezo.

Toes are officially ready for summer, barefoot living, sunset cocktails, morning walks on the beach, swinging in hammocks…Or a pina colada. While perusing cool patterns on pintererst. 

In a bikini.

All the polish used is by Julep. // More nail art aqui

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