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Levi is eight months, actually almost nine…WHAT did I just write that!!?? I did. And I can’t believe it. He’s a little big butterball of belly laughs and I think he already has my sense of humor, and my husband’s determination. Watch out world. 

But I’ve gotten a bunch of comments and questions on the blog and instagram about various new mom stuff. So, I figured I’d do a little round up that answers a bunch of these. Because that’s just what the world needs, more info for new moms.

Well, hopefully this will be one worth bookmarking. Or at least an amusing read. 

Here we go.

Traveling with a baby 

There are so many articles out there. In fact, I read too many before Levi’s first flight and almost gave myself an ulcer. But if there’s one tip I’d have, it would be to relax. And if there’s one post I’d suggest, it would be this one. Yup. I’m redirecting you to another blog, but Amber at The Barefoot Blonde has the greatest traveling with baby tips post ever. Go read it. You’ll feel better about traveling with a baby anywhere after reading it. And will suddenly make you want to go on a trip, buy a color coordinated baby wrap, want to go braid your hair, and buy whatever makeup she’s wearing. Or at least that’s what I did. She’s phenomenal. Amazing post. 

Nursing covers

Two words: Covered Goods. Two more: Life saver. Lady in the parking lot at Playa Del Ray beach who told me to look up this company, wherever you are. I thank you. 


Remember this name: UPPAbaby. They are game changers. The company doesn’t advertise in traditional ways, but spends that dough on product development and customer service. Which is brilliant. And you can tell. Pretty much anything you wish a stroller had, they’ve thought of. Except for maybe a genie nanny in a bottle who magically appears and watches Levi once a week so I can surf. They also have great partnerships with charites, and every person I’ve been in contact with has been a total gem. 

I am the proud owner of a Vista Stroller – aka the Tesla of strollers. It has a smooth ride where you can fit beach gear/groceries/a large amount of unorganized chaos in the bottom. And if we happen to have a few more kiddos it has different attachments and configurations that would enable me to stroll with the entire crew at the same time. 

The newest addition is the G-Luxe stroller. Which is my travel stroller that reclines, is bright yellow, has a UV shield, footrest and backpack strap. So basically it’s Levi’s traveling cabana. It’s also great in restaurants or places where you don’t want to take up too much space. Which comes in quite handy. Two thumbs uppa for UPPAbaby.

Diaper bag/ Backpack 

I am all about the backpack as a diaper bag scenario right now. Hands free and no straps slipping off my shoulder which leads to me dropping everything….is great. Especially for traveling. Or going anywhere these days, really.  I have this nylon Le sports Sac backpack, which int’t even a diaper bag, but it is huge and has tons of pockets, so it’s become my go to diaper bag. Even at formal events. Then, I just bought a lily jade convertible diaper bag. I mean, it’s a moto looking cross body bag that can be turned into a backpack, comes with a liner/organizer, is made of super soft leather, and doesn’t look like a diaper bag. No wonder it has a waitlist. Excited to get mine…whenever it might arrive.

Hearing protection

I bought some traditional headphones for Levi’s first football game, and after the owner of Hush Baby saw this pic, contacted me and offered me to try out her product – The Hush Hat. And it’s brilliant. It’s a beanie with built in soft headphones that provide a muuuuuch more comfortable experience for Levi for sure. Plus, he looks freaking adorable in it. So if you are going to any concerts, sporting events or places where you might be worried about your baby’s ears, check it out. 

Nursing bras, sports bras. yay boobs. – In an effort not to sag, I wore a sports bra of some sort 24/7.  Or a sporty supportive bikini top. Gotta love innovation in the swimwear world. If I could recommend any sports bra in particular, it would be this one by Lorna Jane. It is extremely secure, and had super thick pads that come in handy for any possible boob leakage. In terms of working out and running, I would either wear that aforementioned Lorna Jane sportsbra, or I’d double up and just wear two regular sports bras. Which worked like a charm. And the jugs stayed put. 

In terms of ACTUAL nursing bras, I bought two. One was the ugliest, most uncomfortable, and unflattering scratchy black fabric one that I shudder thinking of wearing it. The other was a super comfy blue lace cosabella bralette that I love and love wearing. It also made me feel somewhat feminine and sexy, even when looking like Gollum. Which was a much needed confidence boost. I”ll let you guess which one I recommend.

Sunscreen. For Levi – I’m super picky on what I’ll put on his skin, so I’ve only used Badger Balm Baby Chamomile and Claendula all natural SPF 30  on Levi. So far so good. Even in Hawaii. And Levi does NOT have my melanin. Yet. It passed the non toxic test, stays on great in the water (you can see the water bead off of his skin) and I miiiight have used it a little it too. 

The non negotiable – An ergobaby baby carrier. I’d cuddle up with mine at night if I could. Hiking, dog walks, dog parks, beach walks, sporting events. Boom. 

and last but not least.

…a good glass of wine or cold beer every once in a while after putting Levi to sleep for the night tastes oh so great lately. And I swear, is good for the soul. Along with a 10 minute nap. Ok, wishful thinking on that one.

Yay mom stuff. Or I should really call it little blessings of innovation, creativity, or community, that make certain things that much easier. 

Still working on the genie surfing nanny though. 

If you have any other questions, let me know and I’d add it to this post. Because I am sure I’ve forgotten a few. Mom brain. It’s real. 

*Strollers c/o UPPAbaby. I know, pinch me.

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