I painted this one last week

I painted this one last week, I went a little crazy on the flowers, I named it “Freckle Face”, and it also taught me a big lesson in motherhood…

I am not the tidiest person. Especially when it comes to my “Studio.” After the initial painting session, I’ll leave a painting on my desk, along with all my watercolors and pens, and when I think I’m finished I will go back and do little tweaks here and there before I photograph it and put it away. 

Well, someone else in the family also loves to paint. And draw. It’s Levi. You probably know where this is going…

I had a particular attachment to this painting for some reason. Probably because I thought I ruined it then stuck with it and ended up loving it. There’s little bits and pieces of it I don’t quite know if I could ever recreate, and something about that eye and how certain colors bleed together. I was proud of myself. 

Well long story short, for some reason, Levi decided it wasn’t finished, sat at my desk and proceeded to draw all over it. I tell ya, when a toddler is silent, they are up to something. I was oblivious in the other room. Checking my email. Damn you gmail. 

When I looked at the painting, I started to cry and asked him why he did that. He said, “I paint” then saw how sad I was, and said “Puppy.” He then proceeded to go grab his little puppy (aka the little blanket with a stuffed animal head that smells like death and we can not leave the house or go anywhere without it.) It comforts him, and well, he wanted to comfort me. 

Which he did. More than he knew.

I might not have my act together, my house ( and life it seems at times) is a mess, and yes I carelessly leave paintings out in a house with a toddler. But, I realized I might also be doing something somewhat right in having an almost two year old actually give a damn and do something to help his mama feel better when he sees her cry. 

I also did stuff like this to my mom when I was little. (Painted nail polish on the piano, scribbled in her bible, drew on coffee tables…what else mom? I know you’re reading this.) So maybe it’s in his genes.

And thankfully, I also photographed “Freckle Face” that morning before Levi got to it, so you can still buy prints of it. High five. (Insert shameless plug for my store here).

The original? Well, I’m thinking maybe we’ll just have to bust out some finger paints and add to it some more together.

 I’ll add that pic to this post whenever that happens.

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