Tropically Wrapped

There’s this cool sand dune area that lies between the beach and the sound, and when I first drove by it, I thought it would be such a great spot to snap some pics. You can see storms rolling in, there’s always a little breeze, white sand is everywhere, and no one is ever there. Hallelujah. Perfect combo.

So that’s what I did. I slipped on my new favorite dress, threw on a necklace that would hit riiiiight in that deep v neck vicinity, and I even remembered shoes. Hair was still air dried though. I didn’t go that overboard. 

‘Twas a fun little seven minute shoot. And the most stylish I’ve felt in a long time. I think the wind amped up the vava voom factor quite nicely too.

It would be sweet if I could wear this for a date night or something along those lines someday, instead of just for standing solo on a sand dune for artistic fulfillment. At least whenever that occasion (hopefully) comes up, I’ll have my outfit planned. 

Especially if that date involves a walk by the sand dunes down by the beach. 

**Thank you to Shop Beached for the Dress ( XIX Palms Costa Rica Senorita Dress) // Cocobelle for the shoes // Jemma Sands for the bracelets // Amy Grace for my beloved Sunrise Shell // Kate Davis and ByChari for my necklaces I rarely take off // …and mother nature for being so darn beautiful. 

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