One of my hibiscus just bloomed

One of my hibiscus just bloomed for the first time yesterday. And well, when I looked at it up close and personal, turns out it looks like some perfect pastel watercolor. Whoah.

It was one of the few hibiscus at Lowe’s that didn’t have any flowers on it yet. So I bought it thinking it would be cool to see what kind of blooms would show up. It took about two weeks before some green buds/future blooms popped up. Well, needless to say, it was a rather beautiful surprise. The pot just says “Hawaiian Hibiscus”, so I really have no clue of the exact name, other than some sort of hibiscus hybrid. It’s pretty fascinating though. When it first bloomed it was this rosey-peach on the outside, with a little blue and purple/magenta inside. Then at the end of the day, the peach turned to yellow, and the inside became more purple-ish gray. I am no flower expert, but thought that was groovy. 


I figured this is just more proof that nature always wins when it comes to beauty, and a reminder that sometimes the most beautiful things aren’t right in front of our face. They just need someone to give them a shot and a little TLC in order to bloom.

…And I might need to go back to Loewe’s and see if any more bloomless mystery hibiscus have gone on sale.

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