Just a l’il survey to help me out. Gracias.

So, it’s an interesting time in blog/social media land, and brands are trying harder to figure out who they really want to work with and would be a good match. Thankfully it isn’t all about the numbers when hunting down partnerships (even though let’s face it when it comes down to it, brands want to make money, and I’d love to keep this going as my job without having to have pop up ads for Summers Eve greet you whenever you stop on by to see if there’s a new post.

Here’s how you can help – which feels weird asking, but I’m slowly taking baby steps to ask for help in life at times. It’s difficult for me, but necessary. Plus stuff has changed a LOT in 9 years – you simply can’t seem to get by just by posting cool stuff consistently. It’s like a big ol’ strategic mind game, And I’m horrible at that part of stuff. You should see me try and play chess.

Oh, wait, here’s how you can help…

A company that helps pair brands with bloggers/influencers (I can’t stand even typing that term but I am one. Wahoo!) called FOHR, has this quick little survey, and it would mean so much if you’d take a minute to fill it out. They basically want to hear why you follow me, read my blog, whatever. Your two cents can help me possibly land a really cool gig someday and in the meantime keep those feminine hygiene banner ads (or whatever else google would deem appropriate for this thing) away from this site.

I can’t thank you enough.

The next post will be a gift guide, hair tutorial, DIY or something easy and rad you can do, as a way to say thanks for your time.

Thanks for following. Y’all rock my world.

Here’s the link to the survey again: https://www.fohr.co/goldfishkiss/survey

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