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It’s that time of year that my motivation resembles that of a snail in a Zumba class. Sorry, this whole 8 hours of daylight where I rarely see any sunshine gets to me. But never fear, Pinterest is here, and all of this stuff is making that snail get with the beat and want to boogie on down a little more. Just with lots of strong coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I was sent a few samples of THINKNOO smart coffee. Wow. The stuff was miiiighty tasty.

Also speaking of short days, I found a winter equinox yoga challenge at our YMCA where you do 106 sun salutations to celebrate the shortest day of the year. Might do it. Hey, it’s one way to turn a negative into a lot of sunny positives.

Ok onto the pics. I mean, pins.

• You know, just a pool with one helluva view overlooking Rhône Valley in Switzerland. Ready, set, cannonball while yodeling.  It’s a pic of the hotel Chetzeron. Adding that place to zee bucket list.

• My favorite kicks…now come in blue and say Chill Out on the back. Swoon. Soludos X Marie Sophie Lockhart (a Parisian-born and Hawaii-based embroidery artist) Rainbow Wave Sneakers. *Great gift idea.

It’s a fact. And yet another reason to just get up and bust a move dance.

• Fun fact: I’ve tried to paint some toucan nails numerous times. And failed miserably. These beauties make me want to try again.

• Spanish artist José Naranja has been combining sketches, calligraphy and collage to create personal notebooks inspired by his travels over the past 13 years…and they are as inspiring as a journal can get. Go read the article and pin every single image. Then journal about someplace you dream to travel.

• GIFT IDEA: Handmade painted gold leaf oyster shell ring holders by kcrook design. Good golly Miss Molly these shuckers are genius (and no two are exactly alike). Anyone who loves jewelry and the beach…here you go.

• Wise and beautiful words from the one and only Morgan Harper Nichols. This one hit home. Gosh, I love her. (*She also has a new book you can now order. Yet another great gift idea.)

• These Brother Vellies Atlas Boots and I would be a match made in sh*t kicker heaven…if I had $1k to spare. Would be worth every penny though. And rocked regularly. Santa, I’ve been good this year. So good.

• Love this idea to save an old pair of jeans with a hold in zee bum. Pretty sure I’ll be doing this, but with some aloha fabric.

There you go.

Yay Pinterest. I kind of love it. I go on Instagram and wonder what I’m doing wrong with my life, then I go on Pinterest and suddenly can fix old jeans, want to travel to the Swiss alps, am inspired to journal more, stumbled on some great gift ideas (not just for myself) and found out my favorite poet has a new book. Maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll actually try one of the hundreds of recipes I’ve saved.

*None of these images are mine. They are all from my Pinterest. Please click on the links above to find the image source or pin. 



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  • You’re amazing!!! And I agree- yay Pinterest! It is so full of inspiration these days. Thanks for being real through the years. I find insta to be super-lame at times; all the photoshop… it just feels boring. Love that you’re raw and real… and I certainly feel ya on adapting to winter, definitely not my season!