Grey Day Pick Me Ups

I think I do some sort of post like this each year during the next few months. Well, this year it might be a little more of a personal pep talk. Things are cold and grey in Seattle. Oh so cold and grey. I swear today at 2 pm it looked like the sun had already set. The clouds were just that thick. And well, the sun did set about two hours later.

This time of year is always an interesting struggle, especially this year goiven the new extra moody geographical location. I feel like my motivation is treading water in a parka and UGGs, and the sight of how much I spent on drive-through coffee last month makes me want to cry.

So, just trying to get outside, rain or shine, look for the beauty ( or an opportunity to make some)…and maybe watch Blue Crush a dozen times too. Or that one scene from ‘The Beach’ when they all run out and see the beach for the first time. Or The Descendants. Or…Who am I kidding? I rarely get to watch movies.

Anywho, lists like this help, and honestly, everything on it is pretty fun or rather relaxing too.

Here’s an empty one in case anyone wants to fill out a list of their own.

Sending you all sunny thoughts, my friends. And lots of twinkle lights hung everywhere to get through these next months.

Unless you’re somewhere sunny, in that case…SOAK. IT. UP.


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  • Any tips from you or readers on getting outside with a 1 year old in freezing and below temperatures? And in the snow? Since she can’t really play or walk all by herself yet I’m sort of at a loss. Or any gear recs?

    • Definitely have a baby carrier then I’d just rock a big warm coat you can button in front of the both of you for extra warmth 🙂 I used an ergo baby and it was a life saver. Also Patagonia makes a down-filled one-piece snowsuits for little ones that are pretty amazing at easily keeping them super warm from head to toe!