Cheers to Nine Years

Nine years ago today, I sat, sweaty after a workout, underneath an air-conditioning vent in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Diamond Head, spent $20 to buy the URL, and wrote my first post. Ok, I transferred a few posts from my design portfolio site, then also wrote my first post….And have been posting pretty darn consistently ever since. Until now. Sorry I’ve been slacking. But the posts are STILL coming. Just not as frequently.

I’ve gone from packing a beach bag and spending hours taking photos at a beach, barefoot and fancy-free, to being lucky to snap a quick iPhone shot of a flower when I was outside picking up dog poop. Good thing iPhones take killer photos these days. But I’ve also gone from being so self-conscious that I covered or cropped my head out of every shot, to openly talk about struggles, self-doubt, share poems that otherwise I’d keep to myself, and showing my whole darn face quite a lot. And body. Hopefully not too much.

The whole thing is this. This blog’s always growing, well, maybe not always traffic-wise. But it’s a big ‘old journal/documentation of me growing as a person (yes the moves have been rough. Especially this last one.) writer (Sorry grammar still is pretty bad and I love…ellipses) an Artist (It’s pretty cool to look at the first painting I posted on here, then the last few), a mom ( I’m kind of going in to mama bear mode and posting less, just because, Levi didn’t sign up for his life to be shared) and well…I’m still always figuring something out on this thing in some shape or form.

Which is a good thing, right?

But somehow it’s still really, really, fun. I LOVE creating this thing. Having a platform to share stuff, talk, help companies, or just bring some colorful randomness that also can double as virtual sunshine to someone rocks my world. It’s a pretty kick-ass job and I’ll do my best to keep on kicking ass at it.

And I have YOU to thank you for it.

Thank you for stopping by, for notes, for emails, for encouraging comments, and for just liking and stopping by to read whatever might float your boat. Trust me, I know it’s all over the place. I think if I would’ve stuck to one subject I would’ve burned out by now.

Also somehow this blog’s attracted a group of totally positive, nature, nail art, cheeky swimwear, healthy livin’ and ocean lovin’, beach bums across the globe. And it makes me 1: Realize I’m not so weird, and 2: Feel a little less lonely, and more connected in this big beautiful world.

I am so thankful for you. However long you’ve been reading this little, random, colorful blog – 9 years, 9 months, 9 minutes. Thank you.

They say blogging is dead, but maybe that’s just a certain type of blog. And I don’t think this is one of those. Also who exactly is “They” …So cheers to 9 years, high five to you all. You give me an amazing job, and I promise to do a better job of giving you amazing content in return. Sorry, it’ll probably still have lots of iPhone pics. But maybe a book will finally be made before it hits the 10-year mark, and we all can have a little bit of Goldfish Kiss to stick around for years to come.

For a coffee table somewhere.

…Or to read while sitting at a table at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Diamond head.

Who knows where that might lead.


Did I say it enough? Nope.

Thank you.

Thank you.







*Hope you like the pics I tried to just do 9 to sum up the years, but figured 18 was more reasonable. It’s been one helluva ride. 

**Ok here’s the one with just 9. 

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  • Keep being you, you amazing inspiring lady! I love visiting your site and gram for endless Summer-filled inspiration and hearing your thoughts & poems, you truly rock. x

  • 9 years of Creative,thoughtful,uplifting,cleverness,Color,all encompassing joy of life!!!!!! Keep up the great creation of GFK!

  • Cheers to 9 years of sharing your infectious, sunny, awesomely chill vibe with the world! Also thank you for your joy inducing collages which I have saved and have been using them all on rotation as my phone background. 🌞

  • Thank YOU for creating this beautiful site! I started following you sometime in 2013 during grad school (ya know, to escape the realities of grad school) and your posts always inspire and motivate me. Couldn’t ask for more than this oasis of art and beauty and nature and life. Love from the east coast!

  • the BEST!!! ..and this blog just keeps on getting better! I remember 9 years ago when I found this gem of a blog. I’m so grateful that you have shared your positive, tropical and oh so rad voice through photos, paintings and late night rants! Your words have encouraged me and spoken to me more times than you know! Cheers to many more!

  • I can’t believe Goldfish Kiss has been around for 9 years already! I started following it back when you first started out and I was just a sophomore in high school, so it’s crazy to think how much time has passed already. Thanks for always serving up creative, interesting, sunshine filled posts, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!
    P.S. Pretty sure this site contributed a ton to my love for Hawaii. I was madly in love with it before I even set foot there. After going a couple times, I always come back to Goldfish Kiss when I need a tropical fix in between trips.

  • you constantly inspire me – i will never tire of returning to your space! thank YOU for always sharing your art 🙂