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I promise I haven’t just been traveling and online shopping for sweatpants (Ok I have. Sweatpants roundup is coming soon, although I’m kind of baffled at how sweats are now costing the same as a pair of jeans.) Anywho, back to the point. I’ve also been PAINTING and working on some cool new textiles & projects.  Two things that give my brian butterflies, I’m pretty much self-taught in and help me also forget about life for a bit. This all means more time at the zee messy desk, less time spent on my laptop blogging.

Until now. Because I get to share some of them with you.

“Hammock Dreams”, “Ocean Eyes”, some textile swatches, and “Picking Aloha”.


Gotta love me some art therapy, even though I’m still painting on a messy desk with horrible lighting in the corner of our guest room. It still is quite an escape for a few hours to somewhere warm, sunny, and colorful. Oh so very colorful.

Oh yeah, here’s a time-lapse of the hammock one above. Warning: it’s kind of addicting to watch.



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Prints of the above pieces are for sale over my l’il shop: (There’s now a frame option to all the pieces too. They’re custom made white frame with white matte. Boom.)

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*Also, I recently bought/switched to Daniel Smith Watercolors and am BLOWN away. It also happens that they’re based here in Seattle. It’s kind of ironic how that all worked out. I have a really really sweet art supply to go to now. Not so sweet for my Visa balance, but still. If anyone wants great paints, check them out.

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