Just one flight away.

If I don’t post for a while on here, it’s either I’m burnt out or traveling somewhere where I tend to get sunburnt. This time it was definitely a sunburn – from playing in the water so much I forgot to get out and reapply sunscreen. Or from rolling in the sand so much the SPF got scrubbed off.

In previous years whenever I traveled back to Hawaii I’d constantly try hard to post and share while I was there. Lately, though, I just want to soak up the time there as much as possible, and see how much inspiration can hit me like a mack truck. This means my laptop rarely is opened. I’d like to say I’m sorry, but I think y’all understand and would do the same.

However, soaking up a current situation in my world tends to mean taking a bunch of pics, both mental and digital (One day I’ll bust out my old film camera like the cool kids. Next trip, perhaps?)

…so here you go. Some of my favorites are above.

Sun, surf, salt, and smiles that start within, all thanks to being back in my heart home for a bit.

Now, the question is, when can we go back? My bank account doesn’t like me asking that, but my soul sure gets pumped.

Whenever it is, I’m sure grateful to be just one flight away.


Here’s my Oahu travel guide too. I need to update it, (It’s CRAZY how much new stuff is popping up constantly) but it still comes in handy. 

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