Quick kick in the butt ladder challenge

Sorry for slacking on sharing workouts on here. I get in the zone, forget to write them down or have been focusing on weights, so those workouts I’m less likely to share since it depends so heavily on equipment. A valid excuse, right?

But, I just finished this one (am literally stretching/cooling down/chugging water as I write this post)…and had to share. Don’t be shocked… its a ladder workout that comes in around the 20-minute time range, but it’s also a bit of a challenge.

So if anyone wants a quick kick in the butt challenge, here you go.

Tools: I used a TRX, a 20 lb medicine ball ( the leather kind that doesnt bounce much – akak is harder) and . kettlebell ( I used a 30 lb one) 

Don’t have equipment? Try bodyweight stuff/jump rope/improvise. The main thing is you’re up and moving and getting a pretty dense workout.

Here’s the butt-kicker/Challenge:

Do the following in 25 minutes or less:

• 50 Squat jumps (I used a TRX)

• 50 Kettlebell Swings

• 50 Medicine Ball Slams (These were the hardest for me, In case anyone was wondering.)

• 50 Push-Ups

• 50 Mountain Climbers (each leg)

• Now, Do 40 of each

• Then, 30 of each

• Then, 20 of each

• And finally… 10 of each. (Which will feel like nothing)

• Donezo


Stretch, get some water, take a deep breath and enjoy those endorphins.

Fun little butt-kicking workouts are great like that.

…especially if you timed and it and try to do it faster next time. Hint, hint.

Cheers to sweat, our amazing bodies, and just moving.

..and to me remembering to share a workout on here. Once again, sorry it’s been so long.

More workouts aqui.


*(If any of the moves above sound like a foreign language, or you need a tutorial video, just ask in a comment below and I’ll send you a link – good form is key in All of this stuff. I just have about 7 minutes left in nap time then all hell will break loose, so sorry no time to link to youtube videos for each move on this one.)

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