Great Midriff Moments

About seven years ago, I did something that would make Mr. T Proud. (I hope.) I just started layering necklaces. Not all gold chains, but still, it looked cool. I snapped a pic, and I think that Summer Kim Kardashian ended up reposted it on her blog (No photo credit for me. But still, ’twas cool. Fun fact: I am o-for-7 with celebs sharing my pics and giving photo credit. Yay internet and my lack of watermarking.) Anywho, this pic started a fun little photo series of “Mr T. Would be proud” layered necklaces  – I call them Great Midriff Moments. Technically it’s clavicle to navel moments, but that just sounds weird.

So, I figured I’d just share a bunch of them ( Some old, and a few new ones in the mix) because they all look pretty sweet grouped together.

This screengrab of a bunch of them turned out pretty cool too.

Hey, there’s over 2.3k posts on here, sometimes I need to just go back and revisit some stuff in order to keep my sanity, adn realize there’s some cool stuff on here when you look at it all grouped together.

And Kim KW, if you want to use any of these on your blog, go for it. Just say you found it at

Oh yeah, quick layering necklaces tip: Use necklaces of different lengths and chain types or else they will all magically twist into some braided necklace nest that is impossible to untangle. I usually go in the following order: choker, collar bone length, chest length, one in between the boobs, and a long one.

Thank you to all the amazing jewelry designers who have gifted me pieces, I am not worthy and should link to everyone pictured…but that would make us all go crosseyed. So if there’s a specific piece you like, just leave a “who made that” comment below and I’ll get you the link.

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