Trick or Treat Here’s My Feet

Well, somehow mismatched Halloween toes have made it onto the list of yearly nail art traditions. Hey, I have to make up for my lack of pumpkin carving abilities and last-minute DIY costumes. But these turned out pretty cute. Borderline BOOtiful perhaps? Naw, cute.

Basically I perused Pinterest and picked 5 different easy DIY motifs people had done on their fingers, and did one on each of my piggies. Fun times.

Tools: I invested in a l’il nail art kit similar to this a few years ago (It was either $5 or $9) and some fun polish. I pretty much use Zoya and Julep polishes and throw in some essie every now and then. 

So if you want to say, “Trick or treat, NOW LOOK AT MY FEET”…here are some instructions, and links to the pins that I found for each. Try one, try ’em all, or just take this pic to a nail salon (People have done that. It’s pretty cool to see pics people send me when a pro does them. Yeow.)

• Ghosts/spooky eyes pattern: Paint toes black, then ghosts = big dot with a few little swooshes coming off (for the tail/arms) with itty bitty black dots on the faces. This is kind of similar (and extra cute). Googly eyes are just two white dots next to each other with a little black dot wherever you want their pupils to be. Juuuuust like this. 

• Frankenstein/stitched up toes: Paint the opposite corners of the toe in whatever color you want, than go in and paint a black line along the edge, followed by little stitches- aka black dashes going along it perpendicularly. This video helps.

• Bloody toes: Paint the tip red like you would a french manicure, then paint a few dots below it and connect each dot to the red tip with a line. Like this (those bats are cute. Remembering them for next year.) 

• Ghost Face: Super easy. Paint toes white, then paint a surprised looking ghost face which = two big dots for the eyes and one little dot for the mouth. (The skulls in this one are pretty close. Ok, I tried them and ended up with a ghostin stead.)

• Vampire Mouth: Paint toe red, then paint a little black football shape in the middle. Fangs = two long tiny white triangles with a thin white line connecting them. Didn’t even try that on my pinkie toe. It got a stripe. (These are a little more detailed, but you’ll get the point.)

Let polish dry then seal with a glossy topcoat.

Don’t fret if you don’t have a costume, just walk around barefoot. Or put on a sheet a be a Toga person or something easy like that too.

Have fun, and eat some Junior Mints or Trader Joes Candy Corn popcorn (I’m obsessed) for me. Yum.

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