A Dozen Sweats for Sweatpants Season

Ok, just as I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as bikini season (any season is bikini season, just wear a darn bikini if you want. Especially as underwear in the winter for a little tropical vibe mental hug.) …There also isn’t such a thing as sweatpant season. I say just wear that comfy, gorgeous, wearable soul food year-round. Feel free to also shout I LOVE SWEATPANTS while you’re at it.

However, during the next few weeks (ok, months) I tend to want to wear nothing but sweatpants. Not just because of overdoing from time to time on the baked brie, baked goods, and booze, but I also just want to be comfy while watching one too many romcoms. If I have to leave the house, lit feels good to look somewhat put together as well.

Sweatpants to the rescue.

Good thing is there are some bright, rad, retro, animal print, great fitting and soft ones out there. (Yes, they all seem to cost over $100 these days, but so do bikini bottoms. It’s perplexing. But I still love them.)

So here’s a dozen of them. Note: Everything is also over on my wishlist page. Other Note: It took a lot of will power for me to do this roundup. Maybe I’ll splurge on a pair.


1: These Monrow Banana Leaf sweats  Mainly because I have the matching top and want to look like a walking piece of tropical print wallpaper.

2: Aviator Nation Navy Sports Sweats: Retrotastic radness coming at ya.

3: Monrow Tiger Stripe sweats: These have been at the top of my sweats wishlist. Rawr.

4: Stateside tie-died sweats: I’m on the fence about the tie-dye trend, until I saw it in sweatpant form.

5: Mother Lounger Insider Crop Step Sweats: Ok, I own these and they’re my dress up army green sweats (aka look like rad pants but are comfy.) Plus. they’re on SALE.

6: Wildfox Tennis club pants in Green: Ok. I own these too. In black. And wear then every other day. Time for a pair in a green-juicy color perhaps?

7: More Aviator Nation striped Radness. Seriously they can do no wring in sweatpant land.

8: Chaser Lightning Bolt sweats: Subtle, soft, navy, and would make David Bowie proud.

9: Michael Stars Pink Leopard sweats: If Peggy Bundy and Rocky Balboa teamed up…here you go.

10. Wesley Jones Joggers: More super soft striped retro radness. Say that five times fast.

11: Sundry Leopard Stripe sweats: My beloved mustard hue, with a little line of fierceness. Ohhh yeahhhh.

…and last but not least

12: Monrow Star print sweats: These are just bright, fun, and make me want to go learn a new craft like crochet or something.

Cheers to sweats.

Didi mention how much I love them

Well, I do.


*Also, a little tip: eBay is a great place to shop for previously owned (that are usually barely worn) sweats (and anything really) for a fraction of a fraction of the cost. I got my Wildfox pair there for $20 last year. Search for a certain brand you like (monrow, aviator nation, wildfox, sundry, etc) check used in the condition filter, save the search, and…yeah. It’s kind of a fun way to shop. Sweats + eBay = fun times.

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