Oh Frank.


One thing (among many) that I miss about living in Hawaii is my free Lanikai (ok any beach really ) sand body scrubs. Well, luckily I was able to test out a product that is helping fill that white sandy void in my life. 

It’s called Frank Coffee Scrub, and it’s making me do a happy dance…the cha cha actually.

Frank is a somewhat dry scrub that comes in a paper pouch and targets cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne. How is this possible? Well, a combination of roasted and ground arabica coffee, brown sugar, sea salt, cold pressed sweet almond oil and a few lucky vitamins and minerals vigorously scrubbed on your skin a few times a week make this magic happen. 

I just finished my first pack, and can honestly say my skin feels divine. An adjective I rarely use to describe my skin.

A few notes:

• Your shower or bathtub will look like a coffee machine exploded all over. But don’t worry it all rinses off and down the drain easily.

• I actually think making the aforementioned mess is pretty fun. 

• You can use it on your face too (it’s helped me with chin breakouts tremendously). Just don’t scrub as hard on your face cheeks as you do on your other cheeks. 

• There is orange essence in the scrub so you don’t smell like you are slathered in Starbucks afterwards. You actually smell rather delicious.

• A packet costs under $20 and lasts you about a month if you use it 2-3 times a week.

• I kinda think their marketing, social media, copywriting, and design is brilliant, and amusing.

• I wouldn’t be saying this (or posting a pic of me in my tub) If I really didn’t love Frank this much. In fact I just bought the new coconut and grapeseed version. 

So go show Frank some love. 

…and if you are near Lanikai, go roll around in the sand for me. 

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