The Beach House

As I sit, staring at my walls (that are that blah beige/off white that all apartment walls are painted for some reason) and my floors (that are covered in dog hair, even though I just swept and our pup has short hair), while listening to cars and trucks drive by (because we live on a “short cut street”), I close my eyes, and dream of…the Beach House.

A few items that are inspiring me to make my latte at home so I can save more money and actually make this dream house happen one day:

An outdoor office (that looks like it was a detached garage turned office). Even though this might end up being cooler that the actual house.

An ombre wall. Actually, I think my current beige/off white apartment wall that I am staring at might need to be ombrefied…just probably not in pink.

A sign of my favorite Johnny Cash Quote ever. Because this quote is what we all want to hear our husbands to say when asked to define paradise.

A patio with a big ‘ol palm tree on it. A palm tree on the property is a non negotiable. Having it be the focal point of the patio, is brilliant.

Whale-Tail Measuring cups. That happen to be the coolest measuring cups ever. Ok, I just bought some.

A bright room with super tall ceilings, a rad pattern couch, and an insanely cool tiled wall. Because this pretty much is a room that dreams are made of.

A cozy and comfy yet super bright kitchen. I would want to cook every single meal and have every single cup of coffee in this delicious little culinary heaven. (While looking out at the ocean, and listening to the waves of course.)

All pics via my beach house & fixing up my rental Pinterest boards.

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