Lovely Reminder

Honest truth. There’ve been numerous times in the past six months when I’ve thought, why am I even doing this anymore? A massive plunge in site visits, the general belief that blogging is dead, failure to play the algorithm game, and of course the damn comparison plague strengthens my self-doubt daily. It also seems people are rewarded by being on their screens and engaging as much as possible with their phones, while creative outlets and crafts have been reduced to a noun that pretty much just means taking up space: content.

But, if you take the business, ego, and superficial crap out of it, it’s so darn cool to have a place and platform to share things and thoughts that people visit or stumble on. And you bet yer bum I’m going to do my best to make that stop a positive one.

Speaking of stumbling, I stumbled on a quote (that I should’ve taken a screengrab of so I can word it correctly.) But it went along the lines of this: If I can go to sleep at night knowing I made a positive impact on at least one person’s life, It was a good day. 

And in a way this site and my platform allow me to have so many good days. So many. Mainly because it sure brings happiness to my day to share things and post. And I’d like to think it brings some sort of happiness to your day, too, without being annoying or trying too hard. You know, whether it’s a beautiful picture, a poem, learning about a small business, a li’l beauty or health tip, making you dream of travels, or just seeing yourself in some of my thoughts. Or tropical print pants.

Hope that makes sense.

When I think about it, this is all still a kick-ass creative outlet, but also one that gives me a lovely (and much-needed) purpose, that’s opened some remarkable doors, too. Which is why I love to do this.

I guess I just really needed to write myself a friendly reminder of that.

Ok, and I freaking love this pic and it needed time to shine, too. (It was a super windy day and getting the shells to stay in a heart shape was pretty much a miracle.)

So thanks for stumbling on my stuff, reading my ramblings and following along…whenever that happened to be. Hope you’ve gotten something positive out of this site, because creating it sure has, and will continue to be, a ray of sunshine for me.


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  • I’ve been following your blog for years and love it just as much now as I did at the beginning! Don’t let the short attention span, instant gratification, tik tok reel world get ya down. You bring lots of sunshine and joy to many people!

  • Don’t you dare stop this blog. I followed you for a decade now and it is my sunny corner on the internet to go when I need sunshine. Please know that 🤍

  • I ran across your blog 11-12 years ago, on a February day, after returning to the frigid Midwest from our annual Florida trip. I was depressed, cold & outside was grey. I searched “beachy blogs” & read every one of your entries over several days. I thought, this chic gets exactly why I love anywhere warm & coastal. At the time I consistently checked out about a dozen blogs. Now, I only still look at 3 & one is yours. Your need for the endless summer, ocean therapy, shells, art, outdoors, mom stuff, working out… all things I completely relate to. If at some point you decide doing this blog no longer brings you joy, I would understand, but I would be selfishly a bit bummed & it would be missed!

  • Love your ramblings, creativity and positivity! Keep doing what you love and what brings you joy because it spreads happiness and sunshine and dreams of a beach vacation:)