Goldfish Kiss Shoes

Big news – I made some sneakers. Ok, technically they’re slip-ons. But still. These beauties have been in the works for a looooooong time, and I am so pumped to say they are here and ready to be rocked. Say hey to the Goldfish Kiss Sunny Slip Ons.

My hand-painted shoes have been such a hit, I wanted to figure out a way to make some shoes people could buy where it didn’t take me 4 hours to paint each pair. So, these kicks have three different prints I designed, and the fun part is each shoe looks a tad bit different depending on what part of the textile you get.

It’s a limited edition batch – so once they’re gone…time for me to design the next style. Which I’d love to do.

This is such a pinch-me launch – it’s not a collab with a shoe company or anything (which still would be a dream come true, so I’ll put that out there.) I just took a leap of faith and made a good ‘ol Goldfish Kiss wear anywhere, tropical vibe shoe/sneaker/canvas slip-on dealio.

Hope you pick up a pair and love them, too.

They’re over at – (More details and sizing info is in the product listing)

Thanks for liking my art, even if it’s on your feet.



Sidenote: My son can for into the size 6…which kinda made my day.


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