Things I’m Lovin’


Once a month, more than likely on a friday night, while wearing comfy sweatpants, and drinking a glass of wine, or a cold beer, Or margarita…I’m going to jot down ten things I’m loving. Don’t worry it’s not all stuff you can buy. Just things that, you know, get me going or caught my eye, or look delicious. 

Here we go. I’m liking this column already. Or maybe it’s just this glass of Three Buck Chuck.

1: Gooey by Glass Animals – This song is on repeat. A lot. In fact I’ll be listening to this ridiculously smooth, sexy, somewhat tropical jam the entire time I’m writing this post. 

2: Talenti Caribbean Coconut Gelato – A spoonful or the entire pint. It’s therapeutic for my tastebuds and mind. Even works great as a “coffee creamer.” Hold on, gonna go get a spoonful…

3: This Massive chunky turtleneck sweater…that also is a racerback tank top. Because nothing says practical fall wardrobe staple than some side boob. But seriously it’s gorgeous. 

4: Caffino drive through coffee – This is the little locally owned drive through espresso hut I go to, for way too many espresso shots. It’s relative cheap, delicious, the barista always has amazing nails, and I end up telling her way too much about my life. I just LOVE little low key coffee huts like this place. Seattle and the PNW got me hooked on them. 

5: THIS SALAD – I just started seriously salivating thinking about it. Goat Cheese, Roasted Beet and Basil Pasta Salad…So much better than the can of chili I had for dinner. Ok, all of this gal’s recipes are insane. And I doubt none include a can of chili.

6: Cate Parr’s watercolors – If you all want to see someone with AMAZING talent in the field of watercolor art, just go peruse Kate’s gorgeous creations. I am absolutely in awe whenever I see her newest portrait. Skills. Skills. Skills. 

7: This salsa dancing granny – Is amazing.  She makes me smile and hope I will still have some killer moves hers that when I grow up. 

8: Clip in bangs – I miiight need to order some. Don’t judge. I think they are a brilliant idea. Without much commitment. Especially since Heidi Klum circa her famous Elle shoot is my perpetual hair muse. Yet, I have a gynormous forehead and super fine hair, so there is quite the risk of it not turning out right when I try the cut. Post on the outcome should this wine kick in and I actually make the purchase…coming soon. 

9. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3 in 1 cleansing balm – I don’t know how I got on IT’s radar, but I am so happy I did. Because I honestly had no clue who they were, and now they are hands down one of my favorite skincare/makeup companies. This makeup remover/face cleanser (also going to be in a beauty lineup post that is a month overdue. Go me.) is like a lightweight coconut oil balm, that dissolves makeup cleans your skin and it feels incredible afterwards. I’m hooked. 

10. Popsicles in Prosecco – I had a few of these at the Mikoh event in Miami. I was amazed at the brilliance of this combination then, and I still am right now. Yes it’s a “summer drink” but it’s still hotter than balls out, so I say unwrap a popsicle, grab a glass of prosecco and dunk away. 

There you go. Off to buy some clip in bangs, look at more huge chunky turtlenecks, see if one of our fruit pops would taste ok dunked in some three buck Chuck…and listen to Gooey one more time.  

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